Porters have looked after, improved and maintained our garden on a fortnightly basis over a period of approx 30 years.

They have worked throughout the seasons and are indispensable.

Kenneth - Lancashire - 07/03/2016

First class

Porters have been my gardeners now for over 20 years. Over this period their work has been of a consistently high standard.

We have always been very happy with their work.

Alan - Bowdon, Cheshire - 27/02/2016

Big Garden

They come regularly for general garden maintenance. I have a big garden and they keep it in top condition.

Judith - Ramsbottom, Lancashire - 09/02/2016

Over 10 Years

Porters have done our garden maintenance for 10 years. We've never had any problems.

They do a great job for us.

David - Ramsbottom, Lancashire - 09/02/2016

Ongoing garden maintenance for my property for years

Always been very happy with the work done.

Kevin - Ramsbottom, Lancashire - 09/02/2016